6 Speed Transmission

Get To Know About 6 Speed Transmissions

Are you searching for transmission to improve fuel efficiency? You are right here to find such performance transmissions saving fuel and offering more power. 6 speed transmissions are developed to offer fuel economy. Nowadays, you will find many 6 speed transmissions to enhance performance and fuel efficiency. After 1990’s, powerful cars or sports cars are developed with 6-speed transmission. It offers combination of fuel economy and power. 6-speed transmission comes with six gears and allows engine to run easily saving power. You can drive in higher speed range using 6 speed transmission than 5-speed transmission. If you go through auto parts industry,
you will find three main types of 6 speed transmissions.These types are –
  • 6 speed manual transmission – These transmissions are used for high performance cars. These transmissions have closer gear ratios than 5-speed transmissions. This allows driver to stay within engine’s ideal range of revolutions per minute. Its 6th forward gear helps in highway cruising without much efforts for engine. You can find 6-speed manual transmission in cars like Ford Fusion 2011 or Mazda RX-8 models.
  • 6 speed automatic transmission – These transmissions use torque converter. It helps to maintain fuel economy and power in RPM range. You will find 6 speed transmission made by ZF for Hyundai Genesis 2011.
  • 6 speed sequential manual transmission – These transmissions blend features of automatic and manual transmissions. These transmissions use single or dual clutches for shifting gears but do not need third pedal. These transmissions are shifted using paddle shifters, which are mounted on steering wheel. Moreover, these transmissions can be operated in full automatic mode. You will find these transmissions in luxurious cars and now, they are coming in mainstream cars.

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